Located in Nowton Park, Bury St Edmunds, our apiary of 7 – 12 hives is open for members / potential members to visit on Sunday afternoons, meetings at 12 and 2pm. Please check the Posts and/or event calendar close to the Sunday for confirmation.

Come in via the second entrance, there is a sign post for Realise Futures – Nowton Park Nursery, and head down to this, we are at the far end of the Nursery.

Apiary visits are weather-dependent! Please check the main page for the rota and to see if the apiary is open on the day.

Beesuits are available for loan so you only need to bring wellington boot and rubber gloves for protection. Usually, groups of 6 or so are taken on the hive inspections and the findings are explained and discussed. This is very useful for novices to improve their handling skills and for anyone still unsure about keeping bees. As numbers of visitors will be limited we will be on a first come first serve basis.

As part of the Education programme demonstrations of various techniques such as comb changes / swarm control are planned. You will also learn about Apiary siting and health & safety.

Many experienced beekeepers like to attend to keep up their skills and discuss their bee problems with friends.


Under development.